• Stage (My Way)

    Plywood, mic stand, speakers, karaoke system, paint, handicapped access ramp, flyer/calendar, various users & performers
    8.5’ quarter circle x 8” (stage), various dimensions for stage equipment

    Through the duration of the show, this stage encouraged multi-purpose functions much like the entire center for this exhibition. The space is normally used for senior leisure and legal services, performing and visual arts events, academic and archival purposes, and social events. This showcased the senior karaoke regulars (thatinclude former and current I-Hotel tenants) as well as various programming of book readings, artist lectures, scholarly presentations, community reflections and live music. The accompanying mango-colored flyer is made in reference to the Mahubay Gardens and Hungry-I nightclubs synonymous with the I-Hotel’s history and more importantly, the storied nightlife of San Francisco. Additionally the stage’s eight-inch elevation references the Mahubay’s famed punk rock stage, providing an accessible space from performer to audience.

    Press Release (PDF)
    Detailed Essay on Four-Platform Project (PDF)