• Routes and Seasons (After Carlos Villa’s quilt of hope)

    Cast fedora made of International Hotel brick debris, fedora bird feather made with brick dust (accumulated from transporting and protecting the last remaining ton of I-Hotel bricks, as a promise to the activists not to break any of them), raw wood table designed from tenant interviews, 2005 bird feathers covered in brick dust.
    8' x 8' (floor), 30” x 20” x24” (table) 9” x 7” x 7” (hat)

    This project is based off the generations of immigrants that lived in and vacated its 8 x 8 foot single occupancy rooms. Here 2005 bird feathers (the same year of the rebuilding of the new hotel) coated with brick dust become the setting for a table and a fedora (made from the dust accumulated from transporting and protecting the material.) Mostly single male transients who often sported the said headwear arrived only to leave immediately or remain for years and even decades, and this installation considers their displacement and travel in modest personal spaces.

    Press Release (PDF)
    Detailed Essay on Four-Platform Project (PDF)