• Appendix: (Research Musings)

    Wood, plywood, photocopied archives, ephemera, eviction notice, city planning documents, handicapped access ramp
    12’ x 24’ temporary wall, various dimensions (ephemera)

    Appendix: Research Materials & Musings/ Narrative Hotel History
    This collection of materials evolved and shifted during the run of the exhibition. This array of artifacts included city documents (the original I-Hotel Notice to Vacate), posters, advertisements, email correspondence, instructional and Mabuhay Gardens flyers, artwork, show various aspects of the International Hotel’s historical significance. From free food programs and toy drives, stationery, student activist ephemera, original 1907 building blueprints, to proposed city legislation, these archives depict the complex life inside and involving the I-Hotel.

    Press Release (PDF)
    Detailed Essay on Four-Platform Project (PDF)