• the horizon toward which we move always recedes before us

    drafting ink, corrective fluid, sprayed housepaint, painter's tape on vellum
    21.5 x 34 inches

    This new series of galaxial, architectural renderings take a global account of the importance of transnational student organizing squares. The project honors these locations of recent, more obscure activist sites to the internationally iconic. This method leans on long-term working relationships across the world with organizers, scholars, curators, and locals to identify each location.

    Sites are individually selected, composited, time of day noted, in an organic network of people identifying important, contested locales, often anchored in legacies linked to 1968 student movements. These studies inform a suite of drawings that draft escape routes, key locations, and storied congregation sites that include Delhi, Hong Kong, and Gwangju in tandem with sites from other continents.

    This process alters an overall architectural and research method influenced by activist allies, public records, and intimate artifacts to make drawings that present a vacancy for viewers to enter these various places. With figures removed from each location, each vellum sheet is pre-treated with house paint, then rigorously worked with layers of painter’s tape, corrective fluid, and fluorescent and drafting inks. These works use only architecture & construction materials to fabricate luminous documents focused on affective spaces and tonalities. This method combines precision with an atmospheric quality, a specific portal with a welcoming sense of absence.

    These drawings focus on collapsing time and space through these meeting sites, entry gates, and importantly those lives that helped and continue to circulate freedom seeking material culture. Each work implicates other complicated sites, and ultimately the exchange of ideas towards a more expansive and inclusive world not long ago and necessary for tomorrow.