• Seeing Difference Together: Notes on Visuals from Delhi – San Francisco – Tokyo

    Performance Lecture (in collaboration with artist/scholar Nine Yamamoto-Masson, and curator/scholar Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi)
    18:33 TRT

    Video Link:

    Presented for the International Association for Visual Culture & San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

    This performance lecture brings together three completely polar reference points of ‘activist’ visual cultural presences from Delhi, San Francisco and Tokyo staged as conversations between urban conflicts, global localities and post-war silences. A great amount of thinking about contemporaneity of culture in the past few years is dominated by the understanding that sees contemporary as a constellatory formation. This method of thinking imagines a bird eye view of mapping/incorporating various participants and processes as partakers in the seemingly inconsistent production plane of global contemporaneity. Our attempt is to mislead this logic and begin from the specificities of certain places and their cultural realities and the possible camaraderie and contrasting relationships they establish with few others. The aim precisely is to explore the potentials of certain localised resistances and how they can help us examine the totalising understandings of contemporaneity and beyond.

    In an experimental performance lecture that includes video and sound elements, we three enact the role of fluid subjects who constantly move back and forth between these three places/instances in conversation.