• Pharos (still a nice neighborhood)

    Ellipisodial stage lights, lightstands, projected text, outdoor building (two alternating language versions)
    20' x 15' x 15’ in various locations South of Market area, San Francisco

    This passage is re-ordered and altered, inspired from long-time San Francisco activist/writer Al Robles (1930-2009). Translated in Spanish and Tagalog with shifting groups that activate South of Market area of San Francisco, these projections alternate and appear and given times throughout the day.

    This lighting equipment staged outside a community center storefront projects multiple versions. Emerging from searchlights used for stage portraiture and scenography, this setup offers a statement simultaneously paradoxical, troubling, yet enduring.

    The project is part of a larger system of several works in tandem. Furthermore, this framework operates through SOMCAN to understand its members and area with a more complicated lens. I’m invested how projects reside long-term by participants already living complex lives as producers, organizers, researchers, timely visitors, and active locals in multi-vocal, intergenerational communities.