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Appendix: (Research Musings)

Appendix: Research Materials & Musings/ Narrative Hotel History This collection of materials evolved and shifted during the run of the exhibition. This array of artifacts included city documents (the original I-Hotel Notice to Vacate), posters, advertisements, email correspondence, instructional and Mabuhay Gardens flyers, artwork, show various aspects of the International Hotel’s historical significance. From free […]

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Routes and Seasons (After Carlos Villa’s quilt of hope)

This project is based off the generations of immigrants that lived in and vacated its 8 x 8 foot single occupancy rooms. Here 2005 bird feathers (the same year of the rebuilding of the new hotel) coated with brick dust become the setting for a table and a fedora (made from the dust accumulated from […]

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Atriums (cause and cadence)

The hallways rendered in these series of architectural documents come from images from several San Francisco archives – depicting everyday life in the hotel. By editing out the figures the works allow the viewer to project themselves into the narrow hallways of the hotel, but also references the removal of the residents and the living […]

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These buttons reflect on the various political groups and ephemera, notably buttons, that were distributed during the activist movements in the 1970s. Referencing concert posters and slogan flyers alike, these two word phrases are fragments from speeches, battle cries, advertisements, and Octavia Butler themes of speculation. One can choose their favorite “mini-poster” much like any […]

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Stage (My Way)

Through the duration of the show, this stage encouraged multi-purpose functions much like the entire center for this exhibition. The space is normally used for senior leisure and legal services, performing and visual arts events, academic and archival purposes, and social events. This showcased the senior karaoke regulars (thatinclude former and current I-Hotel tenants) as […]

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Of two worlds (Robles)

This statement refers to the many tenants of the International Hotel and their ambitions for a new life. Written by long-time Hotel activist/writer Al Robles (1930-2009), the statement reads: “they lived, as it were, in two worlds – in a world they left behind, and in a dream before their eyes.” This text acknowledges the […]

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Analgesia (and Armament)

This project is in reference to the August 4th, 1977 eviction of the San Francisco International Hotel(widely known as the I-Hotel). The building was built in 1907 and was a low-cost residential hotel located at the corner of Kearny and Jackson Streets in the Manilatown section of San Francisco. Right before the police broke inside, […]

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Project List

13-15 Projects (4-8 images & some videos) – 2 paragraphs description and wall text

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